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An Introduction

Graphic Design is the development of visual communications that is created to reach a specific target market with an objective to create an awareness, shape perceptions, increase market value, and boost brand culture.

As Mariona Lopez said, design is a formal response to a strategic question.

Ninjacat Branding & Collateral 

Brand Design with Wise Design Co.

Brown Sugar Bakery

Brand Design


Meet Stasia

Hey there I'm Stasia Johnson. I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and advertising with six plus years of experience in the field. I enjoy all areas of graphic design, but I especially love UI/UX and print design. I am an impassioned person and that passion fuels my performance to help me reach deadlines. I always push harder and strive for better, and I always see the positives because even failure is an opportunity to learn. I never settle and as a result, I believe that nothing is ever out of reach.

My philosophy is Kaizen 改善 which is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement. Ever-evolving.

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